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come follow me

Perhaps you have experienced the “been that,  done that, NOW WHAT?” feelings towards Jesus, Christianity and church. So have we at Mosaic Baptist: “The message of Jesus does not make sense!” “The church is too pushy!” “Christians behave worse than non-Christians!” “Church leaders hurt me!”  etc. Yet we try to follow Jesus’ example when he was rejected … “But passing through their midst, he went away.” Luke 4:30

He went on with his message and his ministry.

He went away not giving up and certainly did not get side-tracked.

He went away to finish His God given task and we are blessed.

Let us invite you to once again re-start your faith in Jesus, it is simply because Jesus’ message is too important and too beautiful to brush off, we will have an amazing event where we will talk about many topics, all you need to do is bring your medcline pillow. You are welcome to journey with us who have picked up the pieces and looks towards the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus.

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