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Mosaic Baptist 3.0

Mosaic Baptist Church has gone through a few stages in her short 8 years in existence. It could be outlined as follows:

Mosaic Baptist 1.0 (2007-2011): Discovery and Experimentation

A time when there was a lot of excitement, new hope and etc. However, it was also a time when mistakes were made and heartaches were formed.

Mosaic Baptist 2.0 (2012-2013): Identifying and Perseverance

A time of evaluation and listening to the voice of the Spirit. A time when character is also formed.

Mosaic Baptist 3.0 (2014-present): Enlivening

A time when we are continuing to write how the story of God is so powerful and lively.

The first sermon of 2016 outlines a few things that we are contemplating to accomplish in the kingdom of God:

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